Vanity Pop
January 19th - February 24th, 2024
Artwork by Vakseen This exhibition is curated in coordination with The Midway Culinary residency featuring Sister, Mother, Crone. About the Artist Museum-exhibited visual artist, painter, crypto artist, diamond and multi-platinum music executive, producer, and songwriter Otha “Vakseen” Davis III, was born to a military family in Athens, Georgia, spending most of his formative years in …
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Paintings by Zachary Mos
October 27th - November 30th, 2023
Statement of work by Zachary Mos: My heart and my soul are in life and with Nature. It is not a mastery of just one simple brushstroke that separates itself from the others; rather, it is the collective understanding of what you see, what you saw, and what you want to give to the world. …
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In Between Art and Science
September 1st - October 16th, 2023
Paintings by Nina Via Reeves “My paintings strive to merge abstraction, figurative elements and the origin of culture and influence. Each component translates in the work through layering, color, and depth, seeking a unique perspective on how I approach my art practice. In Between Art and Science is the most recent body of work that …
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blooms of jeweled seaweed
June 15th - July 16th, 2023
                                                                                                                                          The Midway is excited to announce, blooms of jeweled seaweed an exhibition of artwork by Anne Garvey and aer.    The Midway Artist Studio Residency began in 2019 offering studios to artists free of charge for three months and a guarantee of exhibition at The Midway.  Artist, aer, applied to The Midway Artist Studio …
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Blown’ Up: A Lafanda Show by Aaron Hurvitz
May 5th - June 11th, 2023
 The Midway presents, Blown’ Up: A Lafanda Show by Aaron Hurvitz opening May 5, 2023.  Lafanda is a 3ft tall “balloonicorn” who is  intended to push the boundaries of those around her.  She’s a free spirit whose large, awkward, and rather bizarre aesthetic forces audiences to take pause and wonder:  “What the…?” In today’s insular …
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“a gentle, unassuming mirror” Pricelist
January 20th - March 27th, 2023
For all purchasing inquiries, email [email protected] “a gentle, unassuming mirror” with artwork from The Midway’s Artist Studio Residency artists Shikha Hutchins and Alex Sodari, opens on Friday, January 20th at The Midway.  The exhibition is curated by Norah Crean and can be viewed in person in the Gods & Monsters gallery at The Midway,  January 20, 2023- March 27, 2023 …
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States of Us
January 20th - February 24th, 2023
Artwork by Benji Straus “States of Us” is a retrospective exhibition of work by Benji Straus showcasing multiple collections of the artist’s work over the span of his career. Working namely with pencil, ball point pen & watercolor, Straus expresses human movement and perspective through unique figure studies.
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a gentle, unassuming mirror ~in person~ exhibition
January 20th - February 24th, 2023
  San Francisco, CA– In conjunction with the current virtual exhibition, “a gentle, unassuming mirror” with artwork from The Midway’s Artist Studio Residency artists Shikha Hutchins and Alex Sodari, opens on Friday, January 20th at The Midway.  The exhibition is curated by Norah Crean and can be viewed in person in the Gods & Monsters …
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World of Grooves: A Broken Record Collection
October 6th - November 28th, 2022
Artwork by Denver Miller III Step into The Midway’s newest exhibition – a nostalgic world that commemorates the most beloved musical icons of our time, a World of Grooves. Opening October 6th, 2022, this black and white collection of broken records is a series of art crafted entirely out of vinyl records by Las Vegas …
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August 5th - September 16th, 2022
  THREE, an exhibition with three friends, three cities and three perspectives that highlights a  shared urban emotional and physical landscape.  Opening at The Midway on August 5, 2022, this exhibit of individual and collaborative works by Christian Rothenhagen, Jen PROPS Larkin, and Zoe Ani will create a space to showcase a vision of their …
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Madam Zola’s Special Exhibition
August 2nd - December 31st, 2022
Check out The Midway Gallery’s special exhibition inside Madam Zola’s Fortune.  All Artwork by The Midway’s Artist in residence, shikha Hutchins. The MRMRs or Morphic Resonance Muse Rishis remind us of our deep connection to the natural world. I like to imagine them peeking around a tree, a little tipsy on flower nectar, winking and …
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June 16th - July 18th, 2022
  ex·tract  a) to draw forth (as by research); b) to pull or take out forcibly; c) to obtain by much effort from someone or something unwilling.  The Earth system has now entered the Anthropocene, a geological age in which plantation monocultures, pollution, and industrial-scale resource extraction are damaging or destroying vital ecological systems on …
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Common Denominators
April 30th - May 22nd, 2022
San Francisco, CA— The Midway’s Artist Studio Residency (MASR) will be opening its second group exhibition, “Common Denominators” on Saturday, April 30th.  Resident artists, Yijun Ge, Stephen Longoria, and Jeffrey Yip have been preparing a body of work since moving into their studios in  January.   Viewers will not miss the diversity in media as they …
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Symbols & Invocations
March 4th - April 14th, 2022
Artwork by Rayos Magos FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Francisco, CA—  We need to find a new level of observation. Immersive exhibitions are reaching their precipice as many are flooded with promotions for art exhibitions that read more as a blockbuster movie.  Inaccessibility (cost of ticket) and production (sterile) may leave some of us feeling estranged.   …
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Mila Moldenhawer at The Midway
November 1st - February 11th, 2022
Bay area-based artist, Mila Moldenhawer, will be creating a mural for The Midway. Guests attending The Midway’s ‘Fresh Start’ event for New Year’s will have the opportunity to see Mila painting the Illinois St. facing wall. This site-specific piece commissioned by curator, Norah Crean, on behalf of The Midway was a “no brainer.” “I first …
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‘timed adaptations,’ opens July 10th at The Midway Gallery.
July 10th - August 23rd, 2021
Opening reception Saturday July 10, 6-8pm For the past 10 months, 3 artists who were jurored in, have been working diligently in a 10’ x 10’ studio within the 40,000 sq foot venue. ‘timed adaptations’ will open on July 8th in a culmination of work from MASR artists, Emily Benz, Adrianna ‘Boo’ Alejo Sorondo, and Sasha Vu.
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Metronome City: Art Exhibition for COVID Relief
June 20th - September 24th, 2020
Jeff Bostic is an artist, freelance curator, and long-time nonprofit worker in the Bay Area inspired to raise money to support other artists who are taking financial hits as a result of Covid-19.
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Displaced: A Solo Exhibition by Spencer Keeton
January 11th - February 9th, 2020
Spencer Keeton Cunningham is a San Francisco based contemporary artist who has been exhibiting in museums and galleries for the past 18 years internationally and in the United States.
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In Retrospect Exhibition by Renée DeCarlo
October 4th - November 24th, 2019
Renée DeCarlo is an abstract painter and process based artist, in which drawing is her primary mode of working. Renée’s current work inquires and experiments with ideas of tradition, history, structure, surface and color, and the boundaries and relationships between each.
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August 10th - September 14th, 2019
Presented in partnership with Uprise Art. This edition of Uprise West will feature exhibit the sculptural and mixed-media works of artists Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey and Christina Watka.
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May 16th - July 7th, 2019
In collaboration with the Bay Area Tattoo Convention of some of the Bay Area’s most iconic tattoo shops, this exhibition focuses on seven major icons in American Traditional Tattooing, their origin stories, early forms and how they’ve evolved in contemporary tattooing.
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Ocean Bound
March 15th - April 18th, 2019
On Friday, March 15, The Midway will open its doors for Ocean-Bound: Plastic Waste and Why We Are Bound to the Health of Our Oceans, a multidisciplinary exhibition and panel series, presented in partnership with Lonely Whale, bringing local advocates, renowned artists, powerful musicians, and delicious food to the table.
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BOUND: An Installation by Inyoung Seoung
March 5th - March 6th, 2019
BOUND re-imagines Korean artist, Inyoung Seoung's delicate thread-on-canvas paintings as large-scale sculptures. Carefully weaving the circular patterns on our gallery walls, Inyoung’s BOUND is an intimate reflection on the human desire to form and nurture family, friendship and community, while bringing beauty to how inextricably woven our lives are to one another.
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Evolution 2.0
October 6th - November 24th, 2018
As we move through the 21st century, more and more technologies are breaking new ground that affect how humans live and think of themselves. Emerging technologies such as AI, AR, robotics and reactive-sensor technology are pushing the boundaries of how to relate to nature and human nature itself. In this exhibition, we explore how this self-propelled evolution affects creativity, an elemental human trait.
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Uprise West: Dan Covert
August 17th - September 29th, 2018
Dan Covert transformed The Midway Gallery using his graphic language or organic and decisive forms, methodically applied directly to gallery walls. Dan's painting practice is a paradoxical exercise of using analog means to pursue a perfection that, in reality, can only be obtained with digital or mechanical processes.
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June 1st - July 1st, 2018
Inspired by Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 quote, "Where there is light, there must be shadow, where there is shadow there must be light" - This exhibit explores creating a sense of place with light. Featuring exhibiting artist: Christopher Schardt, Marpi, & Ecco Screen
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She Bends
April 1st - May 1st, 2018
Curated by Meryl Pataky A traveling exhibition spotlighting women who bend and design their own neon creations, repositioning the neon as an artistic medium rather than a commercial trade.
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January 1st - February 1st, 2018
BOW features the work of 14 incredible artists each offering a selection of their work at a reduced price for the duration of the show.
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