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I prioritize creativity above all else in my life, embracing it as a guiding force. In my approach to design, my main objectives revolve around collaboration and playfulness, as I believe these elements foster the most innovative and impactful results.
I seek inspiration in many facets of the human experience in order to better serve the world which I create for. I am particularly drawn to social justice, recognizing its crucial role in informing an equitable design practice.
Presently, I am actively engaged with freelance clients, while also pursuing opportunities for an in-house or agency design role.


INSTAGRAM: @layne.t



Suki Berry is a ferociously queer visual artist living in Santa Cruz, CA. She’s best known for her vast, abstract expressionist landscapes on wood. Berry’s work is musical in nature; the luscious union of sound and shape. Energetic, deconstructed landscapes are portals to challenging the attitudes, fears, and unwritten rules of our environment. Berry’s work invites the viewer to savor indulgent colors, unbridled movement and authentic spontaneity. Hazy atmospheric landscapes sit amid blazing hot suns and golden rivers of feminine intensity. Her environments are ethereal mirages of organic desire. Berry’s work reminds us of places unseen, but at the same time comforting and familiar… Like a place we feel we’ve been before, but can’t quite recall. Suki Berry has been recognized by International Art Museum of America, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and New Museum of Los Gatos. Berry’s work can also be found outside of the traditional gallery setting. With a penchant for translating sound into color, Berry’s work is especially at home at music festivals and large scale concerts. Berry has been invited to paint at Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Desert Hearts (San Diego), Enchanted Forest (Mendocino), and Burning Man (Nevada).

INSTAGRAM: @sukiberryart




Sean Stillwell is an artist and architectural designer with over a decade of experience working in both international and local high-end residential architectural firms, as well as custom design & fabrication studios. In addition to creating original artworks, Sean has led teams of designers, contractors, vendors, and fabricators to create large scale sculptures, stage sets, interior design, immersive exhibits, public artworks, and more. His work includes parametric & 3D design, metal & mixed media fabrication, rapid prototyping, LED programming, mapped projection, and immersive experience design in AR/VR. Sean draws on concepts rooted in psychedelic perspective expansion, educational & productive placemaking, and social & environmental activism.


INSTAGRAM: @_ssstudios_