Madam Zola’s Special Exhibition

August 2, 2022 - December 31, 2022

Check out The Midway Gallery’s special exhibition inside Madam Zola’s Fortune. 

All Artwork by The Midway’s Artist in residence, shikha Hutchins.

The MRMRs or Morphic Resonance Muse Rishis remind us of our deep connection to the natural world. I like to imagine them peeking around a tree, a little tipsy on flower nectar, winking and inviting us to join them in their reverie. MRMRs are poets whose poems are prayers for re/membering. Sculptural vessels of earth, they joyfully challenge extractive attitudes. Rather than impose human will on nature, the MRMRs evoke us as nature.

-Shikha Hutchins

Baby Emperor Mrmr
Ceramics, Glaze, Gold Luster
20.5″x 11″x 11” 

Erasmus Mrmr 
Ceramics, Glaze, Gold Luster 
18″x 10″x 10″ 

Great Mullien Mrmr
Ceramics, Glaze, Faux fur  
17”x 13”x 9” 

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The Midway Gallery and Madam Zola’s Fortune are open to the public Monday- Friday, 10am-3pm.

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