The Midway Gallery is open to the public Mon-Fri 10am-3pm and by appointment.
For purchasing inquiries or private viewings email [email protected].

Madam Zola’s Special Exhibition
August 2nd - December 31st, 2022
Check out The Midway Gallery’s special exhibition inside Madam Zola’s Fortune.  All Artwork by The Midway’s Artist in residence, shikha Hutchins. The MRMRs or Morphic Resonance Muse Rishis remind us of our deep connection to the natural world. I like to imagine them peeking around a tree, a little tipsy on flower nectar, winking and…
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World of Grooves: A Broken Record Collection
October 6th - November 28th, 2022
Artwork by Denver Miller III Step into The Midway’s newest exhibition – a nostalgic world that commemorates the most beloved musical icons of our time, a World of Grooves. Opening October 6th, 2022, this black and white collection of broken records is a series of art crafted entirely out of vinyl records by Las Vegas…
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