Art + Technology

The Midway is dedicated to the cross-pollination of creative outlets. Pushing the boundaries of new creation through technology is a burgeoning and exciting field. With more and more innovation happening at the intersection of art and technology, The Midway Gallery provides a space for artists to explore this field and an exhibition space to experiment in. We encourage collaboration across disciplines, pushing boundaries of art and emerging technologies and creating large-scale works to immerse and engage the public.

Binary Salons are for artists and by artists. A place where artists who are working at the intersection of art + technology can come together to share ideas and practices. These free and open to the public gatherings feature local and international artists who are pushing the boundaries of their process. Email [email protected] if you have a specific artist you want to hear speak or if you want to present your latest work, and sign up for our newsletter to get updates about upcoming salons.

Whether it’s artist-led renegade parties or high-production festivals, The Midway Gallery creates a stage for artists exhibiting work on the cutting edge of art + technology.


Immersive environments star as both local and international artists come together to create unforgettable experiences spanning visual, auditory, and tactile art. Once confined to flat monitors and screens, Luminary (Expanded) reveals art, tech, and music in three moving, living dimensions. Wearable tech couture contracts and morphs based on a viewer’s gaze, an immense gallery becomes a reactive, living organism, percussionists create explosions of color and light, and selfies rain like confetti from the sky.


Led by artists themselves, these events allow for a casual platform for artists to exhibit works that are still in progress or haven’t been out in the public. These installations can occur on their own in an abandon warehouse or in tandem with a larger music event at The Midway.

Projection Room

Our immersive projection room gives artists the opportunity to work in surround visuals. This room is used for dance parties, art presentations (our Binary Salons) and immersive dinner experiences.