Where Art + Culinary Meet

We believe that breaking bread with strangers brings you closer. Our culinary x art program aims to create spaces for more meaningful connections between guests and the creatives behind our exhibitions.


The Creator’s Brunch series at The Midway Gallery brings folks together in the gallery to get creative and be inspired! Whether you are a seasoned artist or stick figure aficionado, these brunches connect people through the act of creation. Not to mention you get to creatively make your own brunch, a Brunch It Yourself if you will, and enjoy some well deserved morning cocktails.


Break bread with the creatives behind our exhibition. Hear artists, musicians, and chefs speak about their trade. Talk and eat with your hands, converse with strangers and friends. This series is meant to give guests and creatives alike a more intimate setting to celebrate art, creating space for a more meaningful connection.


These dinner experiences are designed to transport you to another realm. We use the visual, performing, and culinary arts to create an unforgettable experience that will make you rethink all of your senses.