2023 Artists

Summer Cohort

Winter Cohort

Nicole Dalager

(Nic) is a visual artist based in San Francisco, California. Nic studied at University of Denver, receiving her B.A. in Emergent Digital Practices. 

Working professionally as a graphic designer, her passion is deeply rooted in creating art and she hopes to continue expanding her practice through exploring multidisciplinary avenues of artistic expression. Her work primarily focuses on color therapy and dreaming up surreal environments as a means of practicing presence. 

Working in both digital and traditional mediums, her current body of work utilizes surrealism and animation to explore themes on mental health, existentialism, and the human experience. Her work aims to expose the vibrancy of existence, even through times of turbulence and strife. 

Nic has displayed work in multiple galleries throughout the Bay Area and is currently completing her first artist residency at the Midway. 

Danae Lenda

Danae Lenda is a 24 year old visual artist working in San Francisco. Her work is very personal and revolves around changing perceptions of identity, drawing from personal experiences and often responding to current events. Danae’s focus for her work is a reflection of her generation’s values, concerns, and experiences. 

Winter Cohort

Anne Garvey

Anne Garvey is a contemporary visual artist based in Oakland, California. A graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute and Saint Mary’s College, she has exhibited, taught, and collaborated with fellow artists at home and abroad. Garvey works in a variety of media, but is primarily known for her realistic paintings of people and tangled objects. Her art centers around the inner human experience of a variety of mental states. Tangled elements, such as cords, yarn, and chains, serve as metaphors for different states of mind, and invite the viewer to contemplate our common struggles. Her current body of work explores anxiety, trauma, and resilience through large-scale drawings, paintings, and sculptural installation. 

Garvey’s work has been published in Memoir Magazine, TWIRL: a Decade of Artist Interviews, and the Racket Journal. She has participated as an artist-in-residence at the North Street Collective in Willits, CA, the Hoi An Recreation Center in Vietnam, Saint Vincent de Paul, and various programs throughout the bay area via San Francisco Arts Education Project and the Museum of Children’s Art. Her work has been exhibited widely in venues and galleries including L.A. Artcore and Castelli Artspace in Los Angeles, Axis Gallery in Sacramento, and Adobe Books in San Francisco. 


ær (they/them) is a visual artist, hardware hacker and digital media developer exploring themes of spatial semiotics, queerness and liminal form. Their practice integrates procedural and printed media to play with the reification and abstraction of perception and place. Combining hardware and software with interactive design, they produce generative audiovisuals for movement-based performances and immersive installations. A graduate of the Gray Area creative coding program and featured artist with CODAME, ær has also facilitated free public workshops on topics of new media, experimental video production and creative technology.