Featured Artist: Terry Furry

Working out of Studios 11 in Oakland’s Ironworks district, Terry Furry (pronounced like the english word “fury”), creates beautiful, graphic-realism oil paintings featuring faces, body parts, mythological gods, and the occasional random object. 

His figurative paintings are composed of tightly placed sections of saturated pigment deliberately left unblended. By neighboring areas of distinct color Terry’s portraits look like flesh-toned oil spills, or, as he aptly puts it, “topographical.” These puddles of color sensuously map the contours of the human body, emphasizing light and shadow.

Featured Artist: Jason Vo

Emerging artist, Jason Vo spends at least five hours a day in his cozy studio in outer Mission. Located at the end of a winding corridor within a larger complex, Vo’s space is equipped with the essentials: a computer for music and image references, painting tools, a window for fresh air, and a cooler of beers. In the hallway hang several “mess-ups.” The collection of rejects unintentionally provides a timeline charting Vo’s progression from geometric abstraction to realistic portraiture. Above the three steps leading away from his studio hangs an attempt at painting a seated woman, her face now crudely painted with a smiley face.