Enter the surreal worlds imagined by creative technologist, Marpi, and activate the hidden wonders within his unbelievable dreamscapes. Marpi’s interactive installations transport visitors away from the day-to-day into realms celebrating play and unexpectedly coaxing out the dancers within us.

Such is the case with his immersive art installation, Aquarium, currently on view at The Midway Gallery. This latest creation allows the curious to play with generative, sea creatures, all while triggering changes in the accompanying music. Motion capture allows users to interact with the organic, sci-fi-esque beings that live within Aquarium; the more one moves and gestures, the more the seascape and creatures respond. Marpi’s pieces are unique in that they allow anyone to shape the journey, encouraging play and collaboration.

Marpi’s interest in using digital tools to create art installations stems from a desire to provide escapes from the ordinary, and at times, monotonous and routine mundanities of the everyday. His mission is to elicit joy and respite from the habitual humdrum of routine. Marpi prides himself in presenting pieces intended for audiences within whom he aims to foster a sense of creativity; he explains:

“By providing people with creative tools by which they cannot fail, suddenly everyone is creative.”

Aquarium is currently on view at The Midway Gallery as part of the exhibition, Halation: without shadow, there is no light through July 28, 2018.

Gallery hours are free and open to the public, Wednesday and Thursdays from 4pm to 9pm, Friday and Saturday from 2pm to 7pm. Read more about Halation here

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