Technical Rider

900 Marin Street
San Francisco, CA 94124

Chris Kite – [email protected]

Sam Davidson – [email protected]

Peter Glikshtern – [email protected]

Marina Kawagishi – [email protected]


  • 35’4” wide, 24’3” deep, 45’’ tall
  • Video wall installed at back 2’ off wall cutting it to 22’ ft deep
  • 16’6” trim from stage to ceiling
  • 12’6” trim from stage to rafters
  • Stage door access leads directly from stage to loading dock
  • Exterior loading dock is 12 feet wide x 8 feet long at truck height
  • Stage door: 12 feet wide x 8 feet tall
All rigging to be approved by manager. Steel girders run as a grid over full stage and down/downstage on center and 12’5’’ off center right and left stage. Connections made via beam clamp. Ceiling height is 16.5 ft between girders. Weight load extremely limited. Any large load must be hung from existing ground supported truss. Truss is at max load currently and cannot be used. It is supporting video wall.
  • 400A 3 phase 208v right
  • 400A 3 phase 208v left
  • 200A 3 phase 208v upstage right camloc connection
  • 200A 3 phase 208v upstage left camloc connection
  • 4x utility outlets of 120v x 20 amp
In house control room is upstairs center room (65 feet from downstage end) Touring mix position available downstairs on main floor house left of center (55 feet from downstage end) this mix area must be advanced during the contracting phase as its use affects the venue capacity.
One headliner green room backstage with full bathroom including shower private to room use. A second general greenroom with backstage access with private bathroom for all support acts.
Phones & Internet
Wireless network available throughout the complex
  • Network ID: Given DOS
  • Password: Given DOS
Wired connections are available in the following locations:
  • On stage
  • Upstairs in lighting/sound control room
  • Downstairs mix position
No hardline phones available.
  • HedgeHog 4 Lighting Console
  • 12x magicpanel
  • 10x elation beam
  • Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console
  • Midas DL32, 32 Channel Digital Stage Rack
Funktion One
  • (4) Funktion One BR221 | Dual 21” Bass Reflex Subwoofer
  • (6) Funktion One F221 | Dual 21” Horn Loaded Subwoofer
  • (2) Funktion One F315 | Install Triple 15” Horn Loaded Mid Bass
  • (2) Funktion One DS310 | Triple 10”+ 1.4” Mid-High Section
  • (6) Funktion One Evo 7E | High Intensity Loudspeaker Enclosure 15”+ 10”+ 1.4”
  • Driver count for each main stack is six 21″, six 15″, six 10″, and six 1.4″ drivers
  • (2) Funktion One Res 2SH | 8″+ 1″ Mid-Section | Front Fill
  • (4) Funktion One Evo 6SH Skeletal | 10″+1.4″ | Rear Fill
  • (3) Full Fat Audio FFA 10000 – 5kWatt @ 2Ω, two channels
  • (2) Full Fat Audio FFA 6000 – 3kWatt @ 2Ω, two channels
  • (1) Full Fat Audio FFA 6004 – 1.5kWatt @ 4Ω. four channels
  • (1) Full Fat Audio FFA 4004 – 1kW @ 4Ω, four channels
  • (1) Linea Research 88C10 – 1.25kW @ 4Ω, eight channels
  • (2) NST Audio D48S
  • (1) BSS London
Monitoring Options
  • (2) EAW LA460 Biamped
  • (2) QSC KW181 Active 18” Subwoofer
  • (2) QSC K10 Loudspeaker | Powered Mid/High 10″+1″ | ABS
  • (2) Crown XLS1500 Amps
  • (1) Crown XLS602
DJ Equipment in house
  • (2) DJM 900NXS2
  • (1) DJM-900NXS
  • (6) CDJ-2000NXS2
  • (1) CDJ-2000NXS
  • (1) Allen & Heath Xone:92
  • (2) Technics 1200 Turntables

Gods & Monsters

  • 10x Elation Sixpar 100
  • 4x 150W moving heads
  • 4x ETC Source 4 Leko
  • 1x Antari Hazer

Also available for activation at The Midway

The Midway Patio is available for outdoor events or addition room activations

The Teaching Kitchen is a multipurpose room

The Midway is also home to

Madam Zola’s Fortune and The Midway Catering Group

A unique cafe located adjacent to the Michigan street patio, offering delicious dishes from renowned Chef, Chris Rossi. Cafe, pop-up restaurant, concessions, operator, contributor, producer, Madam Zola’s Fortune is all of these things. We are re-thinking how the culinary arts contribute to events and spaces.

CONTACT: Chris Fry – [email protected]

The Midway Art Department

Comprised of two gallery spaces, and a 9-studio artist in residency program, The Midway Art Department providing a unique stage for artists to cross disciplines, expand their process, and create large-scale installations that engage a broad audience.

CONTACT: Kelsey Issel – [email protected]