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The Midway Gallery Artist in Residency Program resides within a larger multidisciplinary creative complex that houses music, performing arts, emerging technologies, and cooking, all with an aspect of education and public engagement.

The Midway Gallery serves as a catalyst for artists to build a community and engage with the public. Our mission is to foster long-lasting relationships among artists, integral arts institutions and the public to enable artists to make important steps in their career and to create a space for the public to actively engage with emerging and mid-career artists and their processes.

Travis Ridlehubers work illustrates the beauty of man in his natural state: bearded and masculine, strong and vulnerable, magnetic, Apollonian. The paintings are executed on finely-crafted, custom-built wood panels. Historically a male skill fostered through guilds, woodworking was passed from one generation of carpenters to the next, from fathers to sons. Reflecting this tradition, the panels are hard and strong, beautiful like the images of men that they hold.
Tracey Kessler is an emerging artist after a 20 year career in architecture & design. She had her design office and art studios in various buildings in Potrero and the Mission over the years but currently due to the challenging housing situation in SF, have found indoor/outdoor space in Sausalito. Her work are layered abstractions born and transformed by nature's elements of wind, rain, sunlight and time. Her work mediates between turbulence and joy. As layers of material are melded and molded by hand and time, the beauty of our daily path is revealed.
Daryll Peirce is a Reno, NV born San Francisco dweller examining the struggle and chimerical wars held within the individual mind–the pressures we place upon ourselves and the journeys we take without leaving our seat or opening our eyes. Outside examination of the immediate self, what is that unknown metaphysical connective magic that binds us together as living beings? What unites us to our environment, to our world, our universe, to the past and future? Fascinating mysteries are these uncertain spaces between matter and energy, and the mysticism that travels betwixt the two.
Rebecca received her Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2006. Her paintings, sculpture and animations have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Over the past 5 years, her work has expanded into collaborative realms, including mural painting and animation. Rebecca enjoys studying languages and devouring stories of all shapes and forms. She can be seen frequenting the film halls and dance theaters of San Francisco on a regular basis.
Kat Geng (b. Bogota, Colombia) is a San Francisco based artist who works primarily in mixed media, deconstructing, reconstructing, painting and manipulating found objects and discarded materials. She was raised on the east coast where she received her B.A. from Bard College. She explores a number of themes including home, attachment, identity and mobility through her assemblages, sculptures and installation art.
Justyn Zolli is an American Visual Artist currently based in northern California. Justyn’s art practice encompasses abstract painting, drawing, printmaking, murals, architectural art glass, and photography. He has exhibited his artwork nationally in New York City, Boston, Houston, San Francisco, and Yosemite, California, and his work is held in many private collections.
Isis is influenced by the wind and the salt and the craggy shores of her native Northern California coast, while being inspired too by the urban angles of the cities in which she has lived. Isis studied visual arts and creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College, NY and printmaking at Fondazione Il Bisonte in Florence, Italy.
Christine Aria Hostetler lives, paints, draws and explores in San Francisco, California. Her artwork ranges from life-sized watercolor portraits to commercial print illustration. Watercolor and pen and ink are her principal mediums. Her subject matter is influenced and inspired by her fellow creators and her neighborhood.